What benefits would accrue to an organisation that practises Total Quality Management?

  • Benefits to an organisation practicing Total Quality Management (TQM)
    Among the perceived benefits of TQM include:
    i) The connection of quality management systems to organizational processes
    ii) The encouragement of a natural progression towards improved organizational performance, via:
  •  the use of the Quality Management Principles
  •  the adoption of a “process approach”
  •  emphasis of the role of top management
  •  requirements for the establishment of measurable objectives at relevant functions and levels
  •  being orientated toward “continual improvement” and “customer satisfaction”, including the monitoring of information on “customer satisfaction” as a measure of system performance
  •  measurement of the quality management system, processes, and product
  • consideration of statutory and regulatory requirements
  •  attention to resource availability
    iii) Consideration of the needs of all interested parties/stakeholders.
    iv) Enables the organization to meet the customers’ needs hence achievement of objectives and objectives.
    v) Improves the competitive strengths of the organization.
    vi) Promotes interpersonal relations and team spirit among the employees.
    vii) Improves communication between managers and subordinates.
    viii) Improves employee motivation through better terms and conditions of services e.g. improved salaries.
    ix) Strengthens long-term operations of the organization

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