You are a personnel manager in an organization where performance of employees has been below the expected standards. The chief executive has assigned you the duty of identifying the causes of the poor performance and suggesting solutions to the problem. Explain the steps you would follow when carrying out the task

Steps in the identification of the causes of poor performance and the suggestions of solutions thereof i. Consider the original reason for introducing the performance appraisal system, its suitability and feasibility. ii. Performance review component-consider whether employees salaries across the Read more

What are the constraints to effective planning? And Suggest the measures that management may adopt to overcome constraints

(i) Constraints to effective planning • Environmental barriers The environment in which most organizations operate is complex and dynamic. Environmental factors e.g. technology, politics and economic situations keep on changing. These changes affect the organizations’ plans, some of which may Read more

Identify and explain five environmental factors that influence the activities of an organisation How should a manager respond to the factors identified?

MANAGER’S RESPONSE TO ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Managers essentially have three major option of responding to the environmental factors that influence the activities of an organization-adapt to the existing environmental elements, attempt to influence environmental favourability, and/or shift the domain of operations Read more