Empathy – Life Skills notes KNEC


The skills of Knowing and Living with Others Empathy

Showing empathy involves putting oneself in other people’s shoes, particularly when they are faced by serious problems caused by circumstances or their own actions such as death, people living with HIV&AIDS. This means appreciating and identifying with the situation of others and taking steps to alleviate their emotional suffering. Empathy is feeling with whereas sympathy is feeling for.

Importance of Empathy

  • The understanding and acceptance helps the client feel relieved as if an emotional block has been removed from their
  • Encourages effective communication
  • Lays good foundation for feedback
  • Helps to expand and clarify one’s understanding as well as understanding of others

Some situations Requiring Empathy

  • Death
  • HIV & AIDS infected or affected
  • Joblessness
  • Sickness and
  • Other life threatening issues

Some values associated with empathy are:

  • Love: love is giving without demanding in return and makes relationship better. It means being kind, sharing, caring, understanding, showing appreciation, and accepting others the way they are
  • Respect: this is having positive regard towards self and others
  • Peace: it consists of positive thoughts, pure feelings and good wishes towards others
  • Responsibility
  • Co-operation
  • Tolerance

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