Diploma in Petroleum Management Past Papers


Make your revision for KNEC Diploma in Petroleum Management Exams easy by using these Previous done examination past papers which are free to Access on this website. Click on the subject title to open the past exams which are uploaded in PDF form to help KNEC students sitting for their final exams. Keep checking as we keep uploading these Diploma Past papers

Module I

Module II


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  1. petroleum geology,geodynamics,Legal framework, Environmental Health and safety past papers

    1. petroleum geochemistry, geophysics and rock fluids, research, wave theory and earth science, applied mathematics

      1. I think the best way to obtain any academic resource…..past paper included, is to visit an academic library, since online sources sometimes lack transparency

  2. Please help with petroleum geochemistry, geophysics and rock fluids, research methods, earth science and wave theory, applied mathematics 2 papers.

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