Business Law notes – KNEC Diploma

Business Law

Topics covered are:
Topic 1: Introduction to business Law
Topic 2: Structure and jurisdiction of courts in Kenya
Topic 3: Elements of public law
Topic 4: Law contract
Topic 5: Agency
Topic 6: Law of tort
Topic 7: Law of Succession
Topic 8: Law of Property
Topic 9: Employment Law
Topic 10: Emerging issues and trends in Business law

This module unit is intended to equip the trainee with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her apply the law in business in relation to other persons and institutions.
General Objectives
At the end of this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  1. Recognize the sources of law in Kenya
  2. Demonstrate an understanding on the nature and jurisdiction of courts in Kenya
  3. Apply the elements of public law while dealing with other citizens
  4. Apply the law of contract carrying out business transactions
  5. Apply the principles of law of agency in executing business activities
  6. Apply the law of tort in business activities
  7. Recognize the role of the law of succession application in business
  8. Apply the employment law in resolving employment problems
  9. Demonstrate competency to make legally sound decisions.

Topic 1: Introduction to Law

  • Meaning of law
  • Significance of law
  • Law and morality
  • Classification
  • Sources of Kenyan law
  • Parliamentary legislation process

Topic 2: Structure and Jurisdiction of Courts in Kenya

  • Composition and jurisdiction of courts
  • Hierarchy of Kenyan courts
  • Composition and jurisdiction of administrative tribunals

Topic 3: Elements of Public Law

  • Arms of arms of government
  • Functions of the arms of the government
  • Right of citizens as per the constitution of Kenya
  • Offences applicable for proceedings against the state

Topic 4: Law of Contract

  • Meaning of law of contract
  • Types of contracts
  • Essential elements of a valid contract
  • Grounds under which contracts are declared illegal Vitiating factors
  • Significance of privity of contract
  • Negotiable instruments contract
  • Methods of discharging contracts
  • Remedies
  • Limitations of action

Topic 5: Law of Agency

  • Meaning of laws of agency
  • Parties to a contract of agency
  • Types of agents
  • Methods through which agency can be created
  • Right and duties of parties to an agency contract
  • Ways through which agency may be discharged

Topic 6: Law of Tort

  • Meaning of law of tort
  • Elements of tort
  • General defences of tort
  • Parties to tort
  • Remedies available for tort

Topic 7: Law of Succession

  • Meaning of succession law
  • Difference between testate and testamentary succession
  • Use of wills and capacity to make a will
  • Instances for grant of probate and letters of administration
  • Interstate/Non-testamentary succession
  • Issuance of gifts in contemplation of death

Topic 8: Law of Property

  • Meaning of property law
  • Nature of property
  • Classification of property
  • Ownership and possession
  • Easements
  • Nature of mortgages and Charges

Topic 9: Employment Law

  • Meaning of employment law
  • Nature of contract of employment
  • Employers’ responsibility
  • Employees’ responsibility
  • Employment enactments and regulations
  • Tort negligence

Topic 10: Emerging Issues and Trends in Business Law

  • Emerging issues and trends in business law
  • Challenges posed by emerging issues and trends in business law
  • Coping with Challenges posed by emerging issues and trends in business law

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