What are the key qualities of a good corporate vision?

The key qualities of a good corporate vision:
The corporate success depends on the vision articulated by the chief executive or the top management. For a corporate vision to have any impact on the employees of an organization:
i) It should be conveyed in a dramatic and enduring way.
ii) It should inspire, usually asking employees for the best, the most or the greatest.
iii) It should keep organizational stretch in itself
iv) It should be communicated constantly, and
v) It should keep linking the events of today to its stipulations, underscoring the relationship between the two.

A good corporate vision may also contain commitment to:
• Developing a great new product or service
• Serving customers through the defined service portfolio
• Ensuring quality and responsiveness of customer services
• Providing an enjoyable work environment for employees
• Ensuring financial strength and sustainable growth of the company for the benefit of its stakeholders

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