Theory and Practice of Management notes – KNEC Diploma


This unit or subject is examined by KNEC on those taking the following courses:

This module unit is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable him/her carry out management functions in a business set up.

General Objectives
By the end of the module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Explain management functions in a supply organisation
  • Describe the role played by the management theories in influencing the current management practices
  • Discuss the role played by environmental factors on management practices of an organisation
  • Outline the management ethics relevant to supply chain management

The topics that need to be covered as required by KNEC in this unit/subject are as follows:

Topic 1: Introduction to Management

  • Definition of management
  • Characteristics of management
  • Distinction between management and other disciplines
  • Distinction between a manager and a leader
  • Levels of management
  • Types of skills required to manage a business effectively
  • Role of a manager
  • Importance of management
  • Functions of management

Topic 2: Evolution of Management

  • Evolution of management
  • Contribution of management theories to modem management

Topic 3: Business Environment

  • Meaning of business environment
  • Types of business environment
  • Coping with changes in business environment

Topic 4: Planning

  • Meaning of planning
  • Rationale for planning
  • Factors to consider when planning
  • Steps in planning in the planning process
  • Types of plans
  • Challenges in planning

Topic 5: Organising

  • Meaning of organising
  • Importance of organising
  • Types of organisational structures
  • Importance of span of control
  • Delegation of authority
  • Committees

Topic 6: Directing

  • Meaning of directing
  • Elements of directing Styles of leadership
  • Theories of leadership
  • Theories of motivation

Topic 7: Staffing

  • Meaning of staffing
  • Importance of staffing
  • Staffing functions
  • Factors affecting staffing
  • Challenges in staffing

Topic 8: Controlling

  • Meaning of controlling
  • Importance of control
  • The control process
  • Types of control

Topic 9: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Meaning of business ethics
  • Sources of ethics Importance of business ethics
  • Meaning of corporate social responsibility
  • Importance of corporate social responsibility

Topic 10: International Management

  • Meaning of international management
  • Managerial functions in international management
  • Differentiate between international business and domestic business
  • Global Theory of management
  • Challenges in international management

Topic 11: Emerging Issues and Trends in Theory and Practice of Management

  • Emerging issues and trends theory and practice of management
  • Challenges posed by emerging trends and issues in theory and practice of management
  • Ways of coping with challenges posed by emerging trends and issues in theory and practice of management

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