Supplies Management notes – KNEC Diploma


This unit or subject is examined by KNEC on those taking the following courses:

The topics that need to be covered as required by KNEC in this unit/subject are as follows:
This module is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to efficiently manage supplies in an organisation.
General Objectives
By the end of this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Explain the scope of supply management
  • Discuss the concept of integrated supply logistics
  • Outline the need for matching supply with demand
  • Recognize the importance of distribution planning in supply chain management
  • Identify the role of transport in supplies management.

Topic 1: Introduction to Supply Management

  • Scope of supply management
  • Planning for materials
  • Supply management liaison with other functions
  • Importance of supply management

Topic 2: Integrated Supply Logistics

  • Concept of supply logistics
  • Inbound, outbound and internal logistics
  • Importance of integrated logistics
  • Concept of total cost and trade-offs
  • Added value concept in supply logistics

Topic 3: Matching Supply With Demand

  • Concept of matching supply and demand
  • Concept of inventory control
  • Inventory control system design
  • Inventory control systems
  • Measuring inventory control system efficiency

Topic 4: Storage of Supplies

  • Importance of storage of supplies
  • Aspects covered in the construction of a warehouse
  • Aspects covered in designing storage system
  • Types of storage system
  • Store layout system
  • Techniques applied to measure warehouse system efficiency

Topic 5: Materials Handling

  • Importance of materials handling
  • Factors considered in devising a materials handling system
  • Aspects to be included in materials handling system
  • Materials handling systems
  • Challenges in devising materials handling system

Topic 6: Packaging

  • Role of packaging in supply operations
  • Factors considered when devising a packaging system
  • Aspects to be included in a packaging system
  • Types of packaging systems
  • Challenges in devising packaging system

Topic 7: Distribution Planning

  • Concept of distribution planning
  • Importance of distribution planning
  • Aspects covered when devising a distribution system
  • Monitoring and evaluating efficiency of a distribution system
  • Challenges in devising and evaluating distribution system

Topic 8: Transport

  • Meaning of transport
  • Essentials of transport
  • Modes of transport
  • Means of transport in Kenya
  • Factors that influence choice of a means of transport
  • Features of an efficient transport system
  • Role of transport in an economy

Topic 9: Emerging Trends and Issues in Supply Management

  • Emerging trends and issues in transport
  • Emerging issues in supply management
  • Effects of emerging issues in supply management
  • Coping with emerging trends and issues in supply management

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