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Stress Management mind map business concept, presentation background

Coping with Stress

It is closely related to coping with emotions. Stress is how the body reacts to demands. It is the state of psychological tension. Stress can result in confusion when thinking, difficulties in decision-making, lowered concentration, excessive sweating, rapid breathing or even change in eating habits.

Ways of coping with stress

  1. Effective communication
  2. Organize work in order of priority within working schedules
  3. Take a brake and relax
  4. Positive self-talk
  5. Exercise daily
  6. Share feelings with others
  7. Removal of the source of stress
  8. Good time management Counseling
  9. Eating a well-balanced diet
  10. Establishing a strong social support
  11. Facing issues realistically and come up with solutions

Causes of Stress

– Growth and development
– Peer pressure
– Poor communication within families
– Need to belong
– Poor time management
– Displacement conflicts

Values Associated with positive stress management

– peace
– tolerance
– co-operation
– unity
– simplicity

Stress Management

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