Set Notation Representation and Probability – Computational Mathematics

Sub Topics Covered

Definition of Set
Venn Diagrams
Relation Between Sets
Other Logical Relation
Past Years Questions (Set Theory and Venn Diagram)
Chapter Objectives
At the completion of this chapter, you should understand:

  • The logical requirements of a set;
  • How to enumerate and specify sets;
  • The use of Venn diagrams;
  • Problem solving;
  • Relations between sets;
  • That in real life problems, we have to deal with likelihood and not 100% certainty.
  • Probability model allows us to evaluate the chances or likelihood;
  • Probability and know the valid range of values of a probability;
  • Venn Diagram as probability spaced;
  • And find probability of combined events;
  • And use tree diagrams to depict all possible outcomes in a program, it helps in
  • determining the probability of relevant event.

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