Self Awareness – Life skills notes KNEC


Life Skills Can be Categorized into Three Groups

a) Skills of Knowing and Living with One Self

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to appreciate oneself, including the strong and weak points of one’s character. It is the knowledge of one self in terms of what one can do and what one cannot do. This realization enables one to take action and make choices and decisions which are consistent with one’s abilities. This enables people to:

  • Recognize the weak and strong aspects of ones behavior
  • Recognize the weak and strong sides of ones own thoughts and abilities
  • Differentiate what one can do or can’t do by herself/ himself
  • Recognize things which cannot be changed, and accept them.
  • Recognize whatever people may say, each person is different and should value himself or herself for being unique
  • Recognize one’s own unique talents

People need to have a clear sense of their identity, understanding of past experiences and influences, culture and family background. Proper understanding on oneself enhances the ability to use other life skills effectively. Self-awareness helps individuals get better
aquatinted with their feelings, emotions, attitudes, hopes, dreams, physical bodies, who they are, where they are going, how to get there, and it gives them ability to cope with challenges they are likely to encounter in their lives.

Some Values associated with self-awareness skill include:

  • Respect: this is having positive regard towards self and others
  • Humility: this is having a humble view of ones own importance
  • Love: love is giving without demanding in return and makes relationship better. It means being kind, sharing, caring, understanding, showing appreciation, and accepting
    others the way they are
  • Happiness: it is a state of inward peace in which there is no upheaval or violence. This creates a feeling of hope
  • Freedom: a life filled with values is a life of self-respect and dignity. Values bring independence of freedom, expand the capacity

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