Research project notes – KNEC Diploma

Research project/Trade Projects

These notes applies to the following Diploma courses:

Topics covered in this unit/subject are as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction to research project work
Chapter 2: Research project
Chapter 3: Methodologies
Chapter 4: Presentation
Chapter 5: Emerging issues and trends in trade project


This module unit is intended to expose the trainee to the practical experience in project planning and execution. The trainee is therefore expected to plan, gather, review and present project materials and information in accordance with given specifications.

General Objectives

At the end of this module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  1. Identify a topic for carrying out a project
  2. Apply various methodologies in data collection for different types of projects
  3. Analyze and interpret project data and make conclusions based on the subject matter
  4. Present a project report in an organized manner, taking in consideration quality of materials, neatness and the standard format(s)

Topic 1: Introduction to Research Project Work

  • Meaning of project work
  • Importance of project work
  • Types of research projects

Topic 2: Research Project Proposal

  • Meaning of research project proposal
  • Importance of a research project proposal
  • Factors to consider in selection of a research project
  • Formulation of research project objectives
  • Preparation of a research project proposal

Topic 3: Methodologies

  • Choosing a representative sample
  • Preparation of instruments for data collection
  • Use of data collection instruments
  • Methods of data analysis
  • Procedure of carrying out different types of research projects

Topic 4: Presentation

  • Project report writing
  • Presentation of report work

Topic 5: Emerging Trends And Issues In Project Work

  • Emerging trends and issues in project work
  • Challenges posed by emerging trends and issues
  • Coping with challenges posed by emerging trends and issues

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