Project and Contract Management notes – KNEC Diploma

This unit or subject is examined by KNEC on those taking the following courses:


This module unit us intended to equip the trainee with knowledge skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to manage projects contract.

General Objectives

By the end of the sub-module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • apply project planning, implementation and evaluate projects
  • cope with contractual issues on project management.

The topics that need to be covered as required by KNEC in this unit/subject are as follows:

Topic 1: Introduction to Project Management    

Topic 2: Project Life Cycle

Topic 3: Project Planning

  • Meaning of project planning
  • Features of a good projects plan
  • Factors to be considered when planning project
  • Types of project plan
  • Developing a project plan
  • Constraints in project planning
  • Techniques applied in project planning

Topic 4: Project Tendering

  • Project tendering process
  • Types of project tenders
  • Project tendering methods verses other contracting methods

Topic 5: Contract Management      

  • Types of contracts
  • Issues in contract management
  • Contractual relationships
  • Techniques of monitoring, evaluating and controlling of contract
  • Aspects covered in processing payments for contracts

Topic 6: Emerging Trends and Issues in Project and Contract Management  

  • Emerging trends and issues in project and contract management
  • Challenges posed by the emerging trends and issues in project and contract management
  • Ways of coping with challenges from emerging trends and issues in project and contract management

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