Principles and Practices of Marketing notes – KNEC Diploma


This unit or subject is examined by KNEC on those taking the following courses:

The topics that need to be covered as required by KNEC in this unit/subject are as follows:
This module unit is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her apply the principles and practice of sales and marketing in business.
General Objectives
By the end of the module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Appreciate the role of sales and marketing in business organisations
  • Apply the principles, concepts and marketing tools in performing supply management activities
  • Identify the factors that influence consumer behaviour in business supply activities
  • Co-ordinate the elements of the marketing mix in the marketing process
  • Explain the concept of frontline role in customer service provision

Module Unit Summary

Topic 1: Nature and Scope of Sales and Marketing

  • Meaning of marketing
  • The marketing process
  • Goals of marketing
  • Marketing philosophies
  • Historical development of marketing
  • Role of marketing in economic development

Topic 2: Marketing Environment

  • Meaning of marketing environment
  • Micro-environmental factors
  • Macro-environmental factors
  • Effects of environmental factors on marketing

Topic 3: Market Segmentation and Targeting

  • Meaning of market segmentation and targeting
  • Importance of market
  • segmentation and targeting
  • Basis of market segmentation
  • Process of market segmentation and targeting
  • Benefits of market segmentation and targeting
  • Limitations of market segmentation and targeting

Topic 4: Consumer Behaviour

  • Meaning of consumer market and organisational market
  • Importance of studying consumer behaviour
  • Factors influencing consumer and organisational buying behaviour
  • Buying decision making process for consumer and organisational markets
  • Role players in the buying decision process for consumer and organisation markets

Topic 5: Marketing Mix

  1. Definition of marketing mix
  2. Elements of the marketing mix
  3. Importance of the marketing mix elements
  4. Factors affecting the marketing mix elements

Topic 6: Product

  • Meaning of a product/service
  • Classification of products
  • Product decisions
  • New product development process
  • Product adoption process
  • Product life cycles (PLC)

Topic 7: Price

  • Meaning of price
  • Importance of price
  • Pricing objectives
  • Methods used in pricing products
  • Factors affecting pricing

Topic 8: Place/Distribution

  • Meaning of place
  • Importance of place/distribution
  • Channels of distribution
  • Functions performed by distribution channels members
  • Role of information communication technology (ICT) in distribution

Topic 9: Promotion

  • Meaning of promotion
  • Importance of promotion
  • Promotion elements

Topic 10: Customer Care

  • Meaning of customer care
  • Role of customer care
  • Areas of customer care services
  • Sources of customer complaints

Topic 11: Emerging trends and issues in marketing

  • Emerging trends and issues in marketing
  • Challenges posed by the emerging trends and issues in marketing
  • Ways of coping with the challenges posed by emerging trends and issues in marketing

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