Law and Procedure of Meetings – KASNEB Syllabus



This paper is intended to equip the candidate with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to prepare and manage meetings in both public and private sectors.


A candidate who passes this paper should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the law and procedure of meetings
  • Plan and manage meetings in various environments including at county levels
  • Support the Chairman undertake his/her responsibilities during the meeting
  • Relate with various stakeholders during


Meetings in general

  • Meaning of a meeting
  • Types of meetings; private and private
  • Maintaining order at meetings
  • Police powers in relation to public and private meetings
  • Meetings held in public places
  • Meetings held in private places
  • Use of information communication technology in meetings

Conduct and management of meetings

  • Convention, constitution and conduct of meetings
  • Requisite of a valid meeting motions
  • Voting
  • Resolutions
  • Elections
  • Adjournments and postponement

The Chairperson

  • Qualifications, qualities and appointment
  • Powers, duties and privileges
  • Removal of chairperson

Meetings of directors

  • Meaning and importance of board of directors
  • Powers of boards
  • Restrictions on directors’ powers
  • First board meeting
  • Subsequent board meetings and meetings of committees of directors

Conduct and management of board meetings and committees

  • Requisites of valid board meetings and committees of directors’ meetings
  • Legal provisions regarding convening and management of board meetings and committees of directors’ meeting (including audit committee )
  • The role of the secretary before, during and after board meeting and committees of directors’ meeting
  • Resolutions
  • Minutes
  • Validation of acts of directors

Company meetings

  • Meaning, nature and scope of company
  • Statutory meeting
  • Annual general meeting
  • general meeting
  • Class meetings
  • Meetings of debenture holders
  • Duties of the secretary before, during and after general meeting

Law of defamation relating to meetings

  • Nature and scope of law of defamation relating to the meetings
  • Defamatory statements
  • Defences
  • Legal remedies

Meetings in company liquidation

  • Voluntary winding up
  • Winding up by the court

Meetings of National Assembly

  • Standing orders
  • Meetings of the House
  • Swearing in of members and election of Speaker
  • Sittings and adjournment of the House
  • Quorum of the House
  • Order of Business
  • Motions and Amendments
  • Divisions
  • Rules of Debate
  • Limitations of Debate

Meetings of County Assembly

  • Swearing in of members and election of speaker
  • Sittings and adjournments of the Assembly
  • Quorum of the Assembly
  • Order of business
  • Motions
  • Voting and divisions
  • Rules of debate

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