Human and Public Relations notes – KNEC Diploma


This unit or subject is examined by KNEC on those taking the following courses:


This module unit is intended to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to have good interpersonal relations in a working environment.

General Objectives

At the end of the module unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of human relations in a working environment
  • Relate human relations to productivity levels
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of public relations in a business set up
  • Acquire the necessary background knowledge for further studies in human relations and related disciplines
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles and techniques applied in dealing with public relations problems

The topics that need to be covered as required by KNEC in this unit/subject are as follows:

Topic 1: Introduction to Human Relations

  • Meaning of human relations
  • Need to study Human behaviour
  • Human relations theories
  • Essentials of human relations

Topic 2: Social Organization

  • Meaning of social organization
  • Factors determining social stratification
  • Meaning of bureaucracy
  • Characteristics of bureaucracy

Topic 3: Personality

  • Definition of personality
  • Constituents of personality
  • Origin of personality
  • Factors that make individuals to differ

Topic 4: Attitudes

  • Definition of terms
  • Formation of attitudes
  • Effects of attitudes on behavior

Topic 5: Frustration and Defense Mechanism

  • Definition of frustration
  • Causes of frustration
  • Defense mechanisms to frustration
  • Solutions to defense mechanisms

Topic 6: Introduction to Public Relations

  • Definition of public relations
  • Importance public relations
  • Evolution of public relations
  • Role of public relations in an organization

Topic 7: Scope of Public Relations

  • Definition of publics
  • Scope of public relations
  • Types of Publics
  • Relationship between an organization and the Publics

Topic 8: Ethics of Public Relations

  • Definition of ethics
  • Functions of public relations department
  • Functions of public relations officer
  • Qualities of a public relations officer
  • Code of consultancy practice
  • Code of professional conduct

Topic 9: The Media and Public Relations Activities

  • Definition of media
  • Media used in public relations activities
  • Factors influencing choice of media in public relations activities

Topic 10: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Public Relation Programmes

  • Planning and implementation of public relations programme
  • Factors considered when choosing the implementers of a public relations programme
  • Method of evaluating a public relations programme

Topic 11: Special Uses of Public Relations

  • Special areas of public relations
  • Distinction between the special areas of public relations

Topic 12: Emerging Issues and Trends

  • Emerging issues and trends
  • Challenges posed by emerging issues and trends
  • Ways of coping with the challenges posed by emerging issues and trends

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