Diploma in Co-operative Management Past Papers


These are Diploma in Co-operative Management Past Papers as examined by KNEC in previous years. to access them click on the subject title to open the pdf file

Module I

Business Law Past Papers

Communication Skills Past Papers

Economics Past Papers

Financial Accounting Past Papers

Module II


Module III


11 Replies to “Diploma in Co-operative Management Past Papers”

    1. Please help me with the following past papersDiploma in Cooperative Management 2807(Regular):-,Cooperative Accounting,Nature of Cooperative movement, Cooperative Law,Cooperative Banking, Principles and Practice of Management, Financial Accounting

  1. Hey,
    Do you have notes for Nature of Co-operative Movement? And what is the terms and conditions?

  2. kindly send me cooperative law notes,Quantitative techniques ,Cost accounting,Co-operative Accounting

  3. Please help with the diploma in cooperative management knec past papers module 3 the course code is 2907, please if they are available send me them,in dire need of them for revision

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