Describe the steps followed in employee selection process


Selection refers to the mutual process whereby the organization decides whether or not to make a job offer and the candidate decides whether or not to accept it.

The steps involved are as follows:

Completed job application Indicates applicant’s desired position; provides information for interviews Requests only information that predicts success in the job 2. Initial screening (preliminary) interview Provides a quick evaluation of applicant’s suitability Asks questions on experience, salary expectation, willingness to relocate, etc. 3. Testing Measures applicant’s job skills and the ability to learn on the job May include computer testing software, handwriting analysis, medical and physical ability 4. Background investigation Checks truthfulness of applicant’s resume or application form Calls the applicant’s previous supervisor (with permission) and confirms information from applicant 5. In-depth selection interview Finds out more about the applicant as an individual Conducted by the manager to whom the applicant will report 6. Physical examination Ensures effective performance by applicant; protects other employees against diseases; establishes health record on applicant; protect firm against unjust worker’s compensation claims Often performed by company’s medical doctor 7. Job offer Fills a job vacancy or position Offers a salary plus benefit package

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