Conflict is an inevitable feature of organizations but is rarely recognized or understood. Required: Briefly describe characteristics of conflict which may be observed in the workplace

Characteristics of conflict are: – poor communication, remembering that communication may be vertical and horizontal – departmental, team and individual rivalries – departmental, team and individual jealousies – inter-departmental disputes – inter-personal disputes and arguments – widespread arbitration and personnel Read more

Understanding motivation theory is an important part of managing people. Required; Briefly describe Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory

Abraham Maslow’s theory suggested that individuals have a hierarchy of personal needs which are identifiable, universally applicable and which can be satisfied in the workplace. Understanding this idea provides guidance to management as to the appropriateness of motivational techniques. Maslow Read more

All organisations need to recruit new employees. An important step in the process is the selection interview. Required: Explain the advantages and the disadvantages of: the interview by one person defined as the face to face interview; the interview with many people defined as the panel interview

(i) The face to face interview is the most common form of interview. In this situation the candidate is interviewed by a single representative of the employing organisation. The advantages of such interviews are that they establish an understanding between Read more

Appraisal systems are increasingly being used to measure performance within organizations. Required; Describe the following approaches to measurement used in performance appraisal systems:classification; factor comparison and points rating

Approaches to measurement used in appraisal systems are based either on an analysis of the whole job, or on the sub division of a job. CLASSIFICATION: Involves evaluating the whole job. Firstly, decisions are made on what grades there will Read more

Discipline in employee behaviour is critical to achieving organizational performance and success. Required: What is meant by the term discipline?

Understanding the problems of discipline in the employment situation are important management skills. Professional accountants often occupy a managerial position. Whilst a knowledge of motivation techniques is an important element in management, it is equally important to recognise the other Read more

An important part of management understands the role of leadership. Required: Discuss the relevance to management of Blake and Mouton’s grid in understanding leadership styles

Leadership is a conscious activity and is concerned with setting goals and inspiring people to provide commitment to achieve the organisation’s goals. Katz and Kahn describe leadership as ‘the influential increment over and above mechanical compliance with the routine directives Read more