Business Communication – KASNEB Syllabus



This paper is intended to equip the candidate with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to communicate effectively in an organisation.


A candidate who passes this paper should be able to:

  • Develop strategies for effective communication in an organisation
  • Demonstrate skills in preparing and presenting skills
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Apply information technology in communication


Introduction to communication

  • Definition of communication
  • Objectives of communication
  • Principles of effective communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Methods of communication
  • Formal and informal communication
  • Communication systems
  • Communication devices

Written communication

  • Effective writing skills
  • Business transaction documents: catalogue, invoices, purchase orders, others
  • Memorandum
  • Form design and questionnaires
  • Circulars and newsletters
  • Notices and advertisements
  • Publicity materials
  • Graphic communication

 Business correspondence

  • Handling mail
    • Incoming mail
    • Outgoing mail
  • Sorting and classification of mail
  • Storage and retrieval, retention of records
  • Filing systems
  • Postal and courier services
  • Mail handling equipment

Oral communication

  • Meaning of oral communication
  • Effective listening
  • Interviews
  • Pervasion process
  • Assertiveness

Non-verbal communication

  • Meaning and importance of non-verbal communication
  • Forms of non-verbal communication
  • Effective non-verbal communication

Public speaking and presentations

  • Effective presentation skills
  • Presentation aids
  • Selection and preparation
  • Language and style
  • Context in public speaking
  • Writing and delivery of public speeches
  • Public discussion format: public discussion and symposium

Group team communication

  • Group communication skills
  • Communication networks
  • Team communication
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Principles of interpersonal communication
  • Meetings

Report writing

  • Types of reports
  • Effective report writing
  • Uses of reports
  • Preparation of formal reports

Proposal writing

  • Types of proposals
  • Uses of proposals
  • Contents of proposals
  • Preparation of formal proposals

Information communication and technology

  • Communication networks: internet, intranet and extranet
  • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing
  • Wireless technologies
  • Social media
  • Skype

Ethics in communication

  • Ethical issues in communication
  • Significance of ethical communication
  • Factors influencing ethical communication
  • Ethical dilemmas in communication
  • Guidelines to handle ethical dilemmas in communication

Emerging issues and trends

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